Understanding CenCal

In the United States organized and competitive underwater sorts are managed by the Underwater Society of America, known as the USOA. Under the USOA, there are numerous Councils throught the United States. CenCal is a council. councils are organizations that pay yearly dues, attend meetings, and adhere to the governing principles and guidelines of the USOA. Under the gudelines set forth, it is the role of the Councils to work with local and regional dive clubs to provide them with access to the necessary structure to run a fun, safe, responsible and successful club.

Local dive clubs pay dues on a per diver basis for the continued support of CenCal.

U. S. National Meet

One of the more significant roles required of CenCal is to host and run the U.S. Nationals when in California. California typically hosts a U.S. Nationals every 3 to 5 years. Dues collected throughout the years when there is not a U.S. Nationals in California are saved to ensure proper financing is in place when it is CenCal's turn to host.

Pacific Coast Championship Meet

The PCC is an annual spearfishing meet where Councils from the west coast of the U.S. send teams to compete. The two most active councils are CenCal and GLACD (Greater Los Angeles Council of Diving Clubs), with teams from San Diego and Washington occasionally competing. CenCal and GLACD alternate hosting and running the PCCs, with CenCal hosting in even numbered years.

The PCC is typically hosted in October. The hosting Council selects the site, and it is usually between Los Angeles and San Francisco.