CenCal Spearfishing

Welcome to CenCal Spearfishing

A Central to Northern California Spearfishing Council

CenCal Spearfishing represents one of the oldest and most well respected spearfishing organizations in the United States. Since 1959, CenCal has grown the California Spearfishing Community in multiple ways and for over ten decades has laid the groundwork for the success of local spearfishing clubs throughout California.

The future of CenCal and its clubs is looking bright, as more structure and effort is being put forth to offer tools and educational venues for new and experienced divers to enjoy the sport of breathhold spearfishing in their own way.

Whether you are looking for resources to enjoy catching tonight's dinner...or looking to qualify for the U. S. Nationals and possibly represent the United States at the CMAS World Spearfishing Championships, CenCal is here to support you.

We welcome you the the world of CenCal Spearfishing...