Central California Council of Diving Clubs, Inc.


Fin Swimming

If you are not familiar with this sport, swimmers wear monofins and center snorkels and move at great speeds in the water. The sport is alive and well in the U.S., with teams scattered in AZ and FL and elsewhere, but at a lull in California. The knowledgable coach in our area now lives in Modesto and he has some activity there. If a group in our area is interested in this contact Mike Gower for guidance.

U/W Hockey

Actively and regularly played in multiple locations in Cen-Cal's jurisdiction. For information about this sport and local detail go to Underwater Hockey.


This activity is very popular and has its own organization--Northern California Underwater Photographic Society--with regular meetings and website. Go to NCUPS for more information.

U/W Rugby

Very popular in northern Europe and played in the NE U.S., rugby has gained a foothold here in the last several years. It is played at pools in San Francisco and Los Gatos. For more information go to Underwater Rugby.

Skin Spearfishing

Breathhold spearfishing is one of Cen-Cal's most active sports, with regular local competitions and teams competing in national and world meets. For more information, go to "cencal spearfishing".