Cen-Cal Marine Sciences Scholarship Program

Central California Council of Diving Clubs, Inc.



To promote a better understanding of the environment we so love to explore, the Central Ca1ifornia Council of Diving Clubs, known as Cen Cal, funds our annual California Diving Aquatic Studies Scholarship. This award was previously named the Seaviews/Cen Cal Marine Science Scholarship.

Thank you note from June

June Shrestha

the winner of Cen-Cal's 2017 Diving Marine Sciences Scholarship, is a MS (Master of Science) candidate in Marine Sciences at California State University Monterey Bay (SCUMB), with emphasis on ichthyology. She works at Moss Landing Marine laboratories. Her thesis research involves nutrient recycling in kelp forests with emphasis on fish excretions. June has been involved in many projects related to marine ecology and fisheries in Northern California. Among other things, she participated in studies of fish health and poopulations after the implosion of the old eastern span of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.

A NAUI master diver, June regularly dives in Northern California waters, not only for work on her fish research projects and to assist other graduate students, but also recreationally.

June's focus on marine ecology and fish populations in Northern California is the type of essential basic research that is of great importance to Cen-Cal members and all those who are active in diving and marine activities in this area.

A photo of our happy winner can be seen at June Shrestha