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Our Changing Ocean

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2019-10 Cozumel reefs partially closed
2019 Great Barrier Reef chronology
2018-1-4 Worldwide view of coral bleaching
Purple Sea Urchins
2019-1-30-2019 NPR on PSU
2018-10-22-2018 N.Y. Times article
2018-7-21-22 collection report
2018-5-26-27 collection summary
2018-5-15 DFW increases sport limit on PSU
2018-4-6 S.F.Chronicle--Urchin Battle
2018-3-24 RAAC urchin discussion
2018-3-8 MRC sport limit
Bruce Watkins' efforts
Abalone Meetings
Synopsis to date
2019-7-18 Red Abalone Webinar
2019-5-22 Red Abalone FMP meeting
2018-10-18 DFW outlook gloomy
All RAAC meetings
2019-9-4 Sonoma bivalve quarantine
2019-7-1 Bodega mussel dieoff
2019-5-22 CA Mussel control for boaters