Central California Council of Diving Clubs, Inc.

2019 Cen-Cal Calendar

Date Event
Feb. 23 Aqua-Tutus dive at Lovers Point
Feb. 23 NorCal dive at Pebble Beach
Feb. 23 Catalina Island Clean-Up
March 9-10 Urchin removal at Albion, sponsored by Watermans Association
March 9 NorCal Divers camp/dive at Albion
March 9 SJ Flipper Dippers on Beach Hopper II, Monterey K dock
March 9-10 Women's UWH Clinic/Tournament, Denver
Mar. 9-10 World Freshwater Spearfishing meet, New Zealand
Mar. 14 DFW Marine Resources Comm. meeting, Monterey
Mar. 16 Redwood Empire and NorCal to clean Doran Beach
Mar. 23 Aqua-Tutus dive either Coral Street or MacAbee
Mar. 27 CenCal Board teleconference, 7:30 PM
Mar. 28 USOA Annual General Meeting, Secaucus, NJ
Apr. 13 NorCal to dive Coral Street
Apr. 13 SJ Flipper Dippers hunt eggs at Del Monte Beach
Apr. 17 DFW meeting, Los Angeles
Apr. 26-27 SFO dive show, Santa Clara
May 4-5 The Scuba Show, Long Beach
May 8-18 Aqua-Tutus dive in Indonesia
May 18 NorCal camp and dive at Russian Gulch S. P.
May 29 CenCal Board teleconference, 7:30 PM
June 7 Skindiving Nationals, Lake Mead, NV
June 12 DFW meeting, Redding
June 21-23 UWH Nationals, Orlando, FL
Jun 22 NorCal Divers at Salt Point
Jun 22-23 SJ Flipper Dippers at wreck alley in San Diego
Jun 22-July 6 Aquatutus at Truk Lagoon
July 6 No license fishing day
July 11 DFW Marine Resources Comm. meeting, San Clemente
July 13 NorCal Divers at Linda Mar
July 27 SJ Flipper Dippers dive for halibut somewhere
July 31 CenCal Board teleconference, 7:30 PM
Aug. 7 DFW meeting, Sacramento
Aug. 10 SJ Flipper Dippers tour Elkhorn Slough with kayaks
Aug. 17 NorCal at Manchester KOA
Aug. 24-5 Aqua-Tutus camp/dive at Salt Point
Sep. 8-10 SJFD and VDM share Channel Islands boat trip
Sep. 14-21 Rainbow Divers at Bonaire
Sep. 21 International Beach Clean-Up day
Sep. 21 CenCal team Spearfishing Meet at Ft. Ross, hosted by Nor-Cal
Sep. 25 CenCal Board teleconference, 7:30 PM
Oct. 9 DFW meeting, San Diego
Oct. 19 SJ Flipper Dippers wine tasting and picnic event
Oct. 12 Nor Cal Divers invade S. CA at site TBD
Nov. 5 DFW Marine Resources Comm. meeting, Sacramento
Nov. 23 Nor Cal Divers boat dive at Monterey Breakwater
Nov. 27 CenCal Board teleconference, 7:30 PM
Dec. 11 DFW meeting, Sacramento