Central California Council of Diving Clubs, Inc.

2020 Cen-Cal Calendar

Date Event
May 8 M. B. Sea Otters after-work dive at Coral Street
May 8-17 Marin Scuba Club at Puerto Galera, Philippines
May 8-18 Aqua-Tutus dive Indonesia aboar Explorer Adventre Blue Manta
May 11 S. J. Flipper Dippers dive Pt. Lobos
May 16 NorCal Skin Divers to dive Fisk Mill Cove
May 23 M. B. Sea Otters to dive Monestary north
May 30 M. B. Sea Otters boat dive TBA
May 30-31 Long Beach dive show
June 6 NCSD host Randy Fry Big X at Manchester KOA
June 8-10 U/W hockey nationals, Denver
June 8 S.J. Flipper Dippers boat dive, Monterey
June 10 M. B. Sea Otters after-work dive, San Carlos Beach
June 15-16 S. J. Flipper Dippers dive Wreck Alley in San Diego
June 20 NCSD dive in Monterey area
June 22-26 Skindiving Nationals, St. Pete, FL
June 27 M. B. Sea Otters to dive Stillwater Cove
July 7 S.J. Flipper Dippers to clean up Panther Beach
July 11 NCSD look for halibut at Linda Mar
July 13 S. J. Flipper Dippers second Saturday scuba dive
July 27 S. J. Flipper Dippers halibut dive
Aug 3-6 Freshwater National Spearfishing meet, Beaver Lake, AR
Aug 7-9 NCSD camp at Ocean Cove; dive Ft. Ross
Aug 10 S.J. Flipper Dippers kayak trip on Elkhorn Slough
Aug 22-25 Monterey Shootout
Aug 30-Sep 2 S.J. Flipper Dippers camp/dive Big Sur
Sep. 8-10 VDM Channel Islands boat dive trip
Sep. 18-20 NCSD camp at Albion and Caspar
Oct. 11-18 Rainbow Divers at Fiji
Oct. 17 NorCal Skin Divers at Stillwater Cove north
Nov. 7 NorCal Skin Divers dive Salt Point S.P.