Central California Council of Diving Clubs, Inc.

2018 Cen-Cal Calendar

Date Event
***************************** ************************************************************************************************************
Jan. 20 Dolphin Divers at Pt. Lobos
Jan. 31 Cen-Cal Board teleconference
Feb. 17 Marin Scuba guided tour of Ano Nuevo
Feb. 21 Marin Scuba + NCUPS host Michael Aw @ The Bay Model
Mar. 6 DFW Marine Resources Meeting, Santa Rosa
Mar. 10 Nor-Cal cleaning Doran beach and jetty
Mar. 22 USOA annual meeting, New Jersey
Mar. 23-5 "Beneath the Sea" dive expo, New Jersey
Mar. 28 Cen-Cal Board teleconference
Apr. 18-19 DFW Commission meeting, Ventura area
Apr. 20-22 "H2O Dive Show", Tacoma, WA
Apr. 21 MB Tritons host open meet at Oak Newton Park, Monterey
May 30 Cen-Cal Board teleconference
June 1-3 Marin Scuba Lake Tahoe dive trip
June 8-10 Marin Scuba camp/dive at Van Damme
June 8-10 U/W Hockey Nationals, Denver, CO
June 9 Big Scallop/Big Ling meet at Manchester KOA
June 16-23 MB Tritons at Sea Sniper, Baja
June 16-23 MB Tritons at Sea Sniper, Baja
June 19 Big Scallop/Big Ling meet at Manchester KOA
June 20-21 DFW Commission meeting, Sacramento
June 20-July 8 Aqua-Tutus dive trip to Papua New Guinea
June 27-28 Skin Spear National Champs, St. Petersburg, FL
July 9-10 MB Tritons at N. Channel Islands on Peace boat
July 9-16 Rainbow Divers at Wakatobi, Indonesia
July 17 DFW Marine Resources meeting, San Clemente
July 25 Cen-Cal Board teleconference
Aug. 3-5 MB tritons campout, location TBA
Aug. 22-23 DFW Commission meeting, north coast area
Sep. 15 MB Tritons host Triton X at Caspar
Sep. 26 Cen-Cal Board teleconference
Oct. 17-18 DFW Commission meeting, San Joaquin Valley
Oct. 17-24 Marin Scuba Fiji dive trip
Nov. 14 DFW Marine Resources meeting, Sacramento
Nov. 14-17 DEMA trade show, Las Vegas
Nov. 28 Cen-Cal Board teleconference
Dec. 12-13 DFW Commission meeting, San Diego